Ferrocement Day 2016.

Results of All India Competition for best Ferrocement Structure

Shrishilp Consultants, Aurangabad has been declared as the winner of the competition for constructing a ferrocement small dam near Satara village in Aurangabad.

Ferrocement is a really old technology which emerged before cement concrete, i.e. in 1847. But due to ease in construction, reinforced concrete superseded and became popular. However when curved shapes and light weight construction is required engineers and architects have no other alternative than ferrocement. Ferrocement Society of India has its head office in Pune. Society is promoting this technology as this also gives solutions for earthquake resistant houses. Ferrocement is one of the components in GREEN housing concepts. Ferrocement Society has decided to celebrate 3rd September as the Ferrocement Day every year, in the memory of Great Engineer Late V.D.Joshi.

Every year national level competition for selecting best ferrocement structure is organized for engineers and architects and the winner gets the Late V D Joshi Award. This is the fourth year. Arch. Anupama Kundoo, Arroville, Arch. Ajay Thosar, Pune, Er. Biji John, Chenganassery, Kerala were the award winners of previous competitions.

Shrishilp Consultants have built a small water conservation dam attached to a road culvert. Normally so many culverts are constructed to pass the rain water below the road. But if a small bandhara is built so as to pass the overflowing water over it and storing the excess water, it acts as a conservation dam. The ground water table is increased in the adjacent area. This concept is more popular in Gujarath. Use of ferrocement has made it possible to save the material and cost also. The photograph shows the wall thickness of the ferrocement wall is much less than concrete. The structure is appreciated by many people.

Shri Girish Sangle, Hon Secretary of India Ferrocement Society said that, the award will be given to the winner, Shrishilp Consultants in Sir J J College of Architecture, Mumbai on 2nd September 2016. This year Reliance Foundation, Mumbai, Amaltas Niketan, Bihar, Amrutvahini College of Engineering, Sangamner, Archivista, Pune, were the other competitors who will also be felicitated for their contribution.