Mumbai – September 2017

IEI MSC organized the 5th Ferrocement Day Function at Mumbai. Ferrocement Society of India officials and members were also present.

The Ferrocement Day function is organized in India in remembrance of Late Vishu D Joshi, a veteran civil engineer and Architect. Competition awards for the best ferrocement structure are normally given in this function by the Ferrocement Society.

The function started with warm welcome by Dr H M Raje Hon. Secretary, IEI, MSC and introductory speech by Er Vijay Ghogare, Chairman IEI, MSC. Er Ghogare told about activities of the state centre. He said ferrocement is a magical technology in the hands of engineers and architects. Use of wire meshes makes the components more strong and as such thickness id reduced. Properties like water tightness, sustainability in earthquakes high strength to weight ratio make ferrocement popular in civil engineers all over the world.

A lecture and presentation by Renowned Architect Ajay Kulkarni was really amazing. He said engineers and architects must work hand in hand. Natural shapes and emotions can be expressed in architectural designs. He explained his award winning project Vastad Lahuji Salve Health Centre, built in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. He could use ferrocement to give the wavy shape of the roof, and could express the personality of Lahuji Salve in the building. He also told some experiences related to Late V D Joshi when he was engaged in Hussain Gumpha ferrocement Project in Ahmedabad.

Ferrocement structures are very often built in many countries. Presentations of some structures were shown by Er Milind Kulkarni Consulting Engineers, Mumbai, Savitribai Phule Mahila Ekatm Mandal, Aurangabad, Ferrotechnologies, Kerala, Brajesh Sengar, Asst Superintending Engineer, MJP, Ankur Khanpara, IIT Mumbai, and Owen Waldschlagal (USA).

Every year national level competition for selecting best ferrocement structure is organized for engineers and architects and the winner gets the Late V D Joshi Award. This is the fifth year. Arch. Anupama Kundoo, Arroville, Arch. Ajay Thosar, Pune, Er. Biji John, Chenganassery, Kerala, Shrishilp Consultants, Aurangabad were the award winners of previous competitions. This year the best structure award was given to Owen Waldschlagel. US based engineer OWEN WALDSCHLAGEL has built a modular building system using ferrocement thin walls in Mexico. The system can be used universally for different layouts of the buildings. This concept is more popular in USA. Use of ferrocement has made it possible to save the material and cost also. The photograph shows the wall and roof thickness of the ferrocement is much less than concrete. The structure is appreciated all over the world. Panel of Juries has selected this project for the award.

Er Girish Sangle Hon Secretary, FS, said that ferrocement is a really old technology which emerged before cement concrete, i.e. in 1847. But due to ease in construction, reinforced concrete superseded and became popular. However when curved shapes and light weight construction is required engineers and architects have no other alternative than ferrocement. Ferrocement Society of India has its head office in Pune. Society is promoting this technology as this also gives solutions for earthquake resistant houses. Ferrocement is one of the components in GREEN housing concepts.

Er Chandramohan Hangekar, Fellow of IEI and President of Ferrocement Society, Er Ulhas Paranjape, G B Nannor, Vice President of FS, Er Rajendra Pawar, Managing Director, Water Conservation Corporation of Govt of Maharashtra were also present for this function.

Dr H M Raje expressed vote of thanks and the function concluded with hi tea.