SEA, PUNE organised the 2 day workshop at PUNE

October 04, 2009 was day -one; around 945 pm the delegates, Ferro Soc members and S EA officers/engineers initiated the welcome function.

Mr Aravind Ranade, founder of Sahyadri Engineering Academy, Pune – a senior structural engineer of Pune, in his speech declared that the Workshop is inaugurated. He extended best wishes to the Ferrocement Society . Mr. Ranade Sir further desired that   Ferrocement Society and Sahyadri Engineering Academy, Pune be working together for more such events to come. Mr. Aravind Ranade also released the souvenir by cutting the ribbon of the book package.

Mr. Ravi Ranade briefed about the number of activities of S E A, Pune. Dr B N Divekar ,President spoke about the Ferrocement Society Pune. President Dr Divekar also informed about the scope and support to the workshop. Prof A.G. Joshi- the convenor of the workshop briefed about the time table of the two days.


In the afternoon of Oct 04, 2009, there was demonstration and hands- on- practice of making a ferrocement member. The laboratory of S E A Pune is well equipped for all tests and making of concrete. Using the welding apparatus of and with the help of technicians of Dr Divekar and also 4 trainee diploma engineers, the demo was arranged. The garden –plant-in a row -box was to be made .The delegates could witness and understand the importance of keeping tight/taut the chicken mesh, the wire mesh. The skeletal steel was placed ; the supports were welded. Wire-mesh was placed and tied . Chicken mesh in three layers was clad on it and ,tightly held and welded. After this an used/old newspaper was laid down on floor; cement mortar was made with minimum water and its base- layer of less than ½” was spread on paper sheet. The cage or skeleton was placed on it . The expert workers of Dr B.N. Divekar Consultant and construction group did that toweling and placing   cement mortar on both faces of the cage rectangular piece. Placing mortar on both sides needs some skill.

Delegates participated in the tying up the chicken mesh and pressing the cement mortar –applying from both faces or from one face of the surface.