Ferrocement for Rural Area

Ferrocement technology emerged from rural habits. It has tremendous applications in rural area. People in villages used to construct walls and roofs using bamboo or tree dry stems or sticks. They were tied together with some strings or rope of jute. The surface was then filled with mud paste sometimes mixed with sand. The final wall after drying served the purpose of shelter. It was then periodically coated with cow dung paste. This technique was modified with steel meshes and sand cement mortar. Ferrocement is very friendly material for the villages.


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Following are the applications of Ferrocement Technology in Rural area, Many NGO are using it

  1.  Jnana Prabodhini Pune -contact person Shri Vivek Giridhari
  2.  Rotary Club from Pune and Bhor., Contact person- Prof Kulkarni from Bhor
  3.  Savitribai Phule Ekatma — Contact person Dr. Suhas Ajgaokar
  4.  Reliance foundation at Rajkot, Uttarakhand, Shivani in M.P
  5.  Water Aid India, Delhi. contact -Shri Sunil Shrivastav
  6.  Tilothu mahila mandal, BIHAR Mr Ranjit Sinha


Where you can use?

Water conservation Water Storage

  1. Tank below Ground
  2. Tank above Ground Open at Top
  3. Dome Shaped Tank
  4. Closed Tank to store Rooftop Rain water for Drinking Purpose
  • Varmicompost Tank
  •  Water Tank for Animals / Cattle to drink water
  •  Half Round Chanel shaped conveying water
  • Toilet
  • Bathroom
  • House
  •  Fencing
  •  Bandhara / Dam
  • Mandir Top or Kalas


This Technology is liked by the Village People and is in use at Village level.

आपल्या खेड्यात पाण्याची मोठी टाकी बांधायची आहे? आम्ही आहोत ना. फेरोसिमेंट पद्धतीने टाकी बांधतो आणि बांधायला शिकवतो. जरूर संपर्क साधा.

Contact Ferrocement Society (India) for further guidance and assistance. NGOs are welcome to connect with us.

Mobile :

  • Girish Sangle (President) 9422736252
  • Ulhas Paranjape (9820788061)
  • Nandkumar Jadhav (9822052079)
  • Padmanabh Lele (7249370677)