Members of the Ferrocement Society who live in Thane District and near Mumbai are attached to this sub centre now. Under the guidance of Er Ulhas Paranjape, the sub center will organize different technical events to increase the awareness of ferrocement technology amongst the Architects and Engineering students in Mumbai area.

Revised Edition of “Let us Collect Water Using Ferrocement Technology” by Jalavardini Pratishtan was released By Senior Engineer R. G. Kulkarni and Er. Padmanabh Lele, Hon. Secretary Ferrocement Society. Er. R. G. Kulkarni is a Graduate of 1949 from COEP and he is 95 year old Young Man. He expressed his desire to visit site during construction of Ferrocement Tank at Village level if site is near by Mumbai. The strength of members in this sub centre is about 25 which may increase to 100 this year, said Er Milind Kulkarni.


July 2019: Prof Dr. Sunil Kute to form a new sub centre in Nashik. About 24 members in Nashik are willing to form a Sub centre. Recently Er. Mahendra Nakil has joined the society. He recently retired as Superintending Engineer from Water Resources Department of Government of Maharashtra. 5th National Convention is being organized in Nashik City during 7-9 November 2019.

Ferrocement Day observed in New Mumbai

Konkan Bhavan, New Mumbai Engineers attended the ferrocement presentations on the occasion of the Ferrocement Day on 4th September 2019. Engineers from CIDCO, Water Resources Department and PWD design wing were present. Er Ramgude introduced ferrocement technology.

Ferrocement Day in AISSMS college

Ar. Sumit Bagade bags V D Joshi Award

Pune: Ar. Sumit Bagade wins the competition for the best ferrocement structure award for 2019. He built a gazebo temple at RAJ VASTU in Satara city. This year other participants were also felicitated. Nandkumar Jadhav (Mega Cave resort), Dipak Kanhere (Ferro house), Ravindra Nale (Temple ferro dome), Mitra Engineers and Architects (Spherical ferrocement tank) were the four experts who had submitted the entry.

Ferrocement Society has decided to celebrate 3rd September as the Ferrocement Day every year, in the memory of Great Engineer Late V. D. Joshi. Ferrocement Society organizes such competition every year on this occasion. The award is given to the best ferrocement structure. Previous year winners were Ar. Anupama Kundoo (Australia), Owen Waldschlagel (USA), Arch. Ajay Thosar, Pune, Er. Biji John, Chenganassery, Kerala, and Shrishilp Consultants, Aurangabad. This is the seventh year. Late Vishnu D. Joshi was the pioneer of Ferrocement technology. The award is started in remembrance of Late Joshi.

                Er Subhash Patil won the V D Joshi award of 2018. He builta 6 meter high arch type ferrocement dam at Village Hatnur, District Sangli, Maharashtra. Other participants last year were Reliance Foundation and Dnyan Prabodhini.

                Ar. Vaishali Mohite, Chandrashekhar Hangekar, Suhas Mahamuni and Pushyamitra Divekar worked as Jury for the competition. The selection is based on the presentation, percentage use of ferrocement, innovative ideas etc. Shri R K Nitturkar, Chief Engineer, Retired, Prakash Nagnath, Prof. Parekar, Ulhas Adhav were also present for the function. AISSMS Deputy Chairman Suresh Shinde was the Guest of Honour and Prin D S Bormane was the Chief Guest. The function was organized by HOD Dr. Uttam Awari, anchored by P P Lele, Hon Secreatry, FS. Er Girish Sangle gave vote of thanks.              

Pune: Dated 13th April 2019:

1st committee meeting was held in MIT-WPU College at 3 PM. New office bearers were elected and they were installed. Er Chandramohan Hangekar (President), Er K M Shah (Vice President), Er Subhash Patil (Vice President), P.P.Lele (Hon Secretary), Chandrashekhar(Trasurer) and Girish Sangle (Project Coordinator) accepted the responsibilities for 2019-21. Er Girish Sangle briefed the progress and agenda points. Er Lele explained the progress of drafting BIS code. Er Chandramohan Hangekar talked about future plans of the society. In 2024 International conference on ferrocement is the target.

Committee felicitated Er N S Jadhav for his nomination in a Competition held by American Concrete Institute.

Pune- Dated 28 Sept 2018

MIT Academy of Engineering, Alandi and Ferrocement Society, India jointly organized this one day workshop on 28th September 2018. Prof Sumit Patil was the co ordinator of this event. Students are searching for new technologies which will be helpful after graduation. The intention of this workshop was to expose the students to the new technologies which can help them to become successful entrepreneurs. 45 third year and last year students participated with 2 faculty members of their college. The workshop was inaugurated by the guest faculties and Prof. Sumit patil by Saraswati Pujan and the regular Prarthana.


Er Chandramohan, President of Ferrocement Society explained the use of Ferrocement in the world and the difference between RCC and ferrocement. So many beautiful structures like Nautilus house, Mexico, the Mojo Century Centre Texas, dome houses in Chile, Indonesia, Sri Lanka are built using Ferrocement. But he said India is much ahead. In India also full buildings are built with ferrocement like a Jadhav Farm house in Satara, Bhalerao Banglow near Pune. Hundreds of various constructions are available where Ferrocement is used in India, like big size pipes, Silos, Fan duct cylinders, Big water tanks and retaining walls. He said ferrocement is a friend of any architect. Er Chandramohan also explained how innovative structures are built using Ferrocement. He explained cases where RCC contractors failed Ferrocement could be done easily. A nalla was diverted in Pune by constructing in situ Ferrocement pipe of 700 feet length and 15 feet diameter. Many such structures were explained by him. He said Pune based Dr Divekar has developed “All in One method” of building construction. The workshop was concluded with question answer session and very fruitful discussions with the experts. 4 students expressed their views about the workshop during feedback session. Prof Pawar gave vote of thanks to the guests. Sakshi Wayal and Vinay Jadhav were the anchors of the workshop.

Ahmednagar dated 25 Sept 2018

The Institution of Engineers (India), Ahmednagar Local Centre, under the aegis of Civil Engg Division Board, organised one-day Workshop on “Ferrocement Technology” on 25 Sep 2018 at   Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj College of Engg, Nepti, AhmednagarShri Chandramohan Hangekar, President, Ferrocement Society of India; Chief Engineer (Retd), Water Resources Department, Government of Maharashtra and Past Chairman, IEI Ahmednagar Local Centre addressed the inaugural session as Chief Guest. 

Er Chandramohan Hangekar, in his inaugural address, appealed engineering students to adopt innovative ideas in technology. He advised students to always think out of box and said that principle of ‘think and wonder & wonder and think’ will help students finding innovative ideas. He advised students that there was huge scope for ferrocement technology in construction work. He said that ferrocement technology has advantage over RCC as any kind of structures in organic or irregular shapes with minimum width can be constructed by ferrocement. He advised engineering students to go for own business instead of wasting time for finding government jobs, where promotion chances and career growth are very limited.

Earlier, Dr R S Deshpande, Principal, Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj College of Engineering, and Convener of the Workshop delivered welcome address. He discussed importance of the workshop and gave details of various sub-themes included for discussion during concurrent sessions. Er Avinash Kulkarni, Chairman, IEI Ahmednagar Local Centre spoke on background of the workshop and about activities of the Local Centre.     Er R P Waykar, Hon. Secretary, proposed vote of thanks.

Total 6 presentations and demonstrations on various topics related to the workshop theme were held during three sessions by eminent experts of Ferrocement Society of India, Pune.


Mumbai – Sept 2017- IEI MSC organized the 5th Ferrocement Day Function at Mumbai. Ferrocement Society of India officials and members were also present.


The Ferrocement Day function is organized in India in remembrance of Late Vishu D Joshi, a veteran civil engineer and Architect. Competition awards for the best ferrocement structure are normally given in this function by the Ferrocement Society.


The function started with warm welcome by Dr H M Raje Hon. Secretary, IEI, MSC and introductory speech by Er Vijay Ghogare, Chairman IEI, MSC. Er Ghogare told about activities of the state centre. He said ferrocement is a magical technology in the hands of engineers and architects. Use of wire meshes makes the components more strong and as such thickness id reduced. Properties like water tightness, sustainability in earthquakes high strength to weight ratio make ferrocement popular in civil engineers all over the world.


A lecture and presentation by Renowned Architect Ajay Kulkarni was really amazing. He said engineers and architects must work hand in hand. Natural shapes and emotions can be expressed in architectural designs. He explained his award winning project Vastad Lahuji Salve Health Centre, built in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. He could use ferrocement to give the wavy shape of the roof, and could express the personality of Lahuji Salve in the building. He also told some experiences related to Late V D Joshi when he was engaged in Hussain Gumpha ferrocement Project in Ahmedabad.


Ferrocement structures are very often built in many countries. Presentations of some structures were shown by Er Milind Kulkarni Consulting Engineers, Mumbai, Savitribai Phule Mahila Ekatm Mandal, Aurangabad, Ferrotechnologies, Kerala, Brajesh Sengar, Asst Superintending Engineer, MJP, Ankur Khanpara, IIT Mumbai, and Owen Waldschlagal (USA).


Every year national level competition for selecting best ferrocement structure is organized for engineers and architects and the winner gets the Late V D Joshi Award. This is the fifth year. Arch. Anupama Kundoo, Arroville, Arch. Ajay Thosar, Pune, Er. Biji John, Chenganassery, Kerala, Shrishilp Consultants, Aurangabad were the award winners of previous competitions. This year the best structure award was given to Owen Waldschlagel. US based engineer OWEN WALDSCHLAGEL has built a modular building system using ferrocement thin walls in Mexico. The system can be used universally for different layouts of the buildings. This concept is more popular in USA. Use of ferrocement has made it possible to save the material and cost also. The photograph shows the wall and roof thickness of the ferrocement is much less than concrete. The structure is appreciated all over the world. Panel of Juries has selected this project for the award.

Er Girish Sangle Hon Secretary, FS, said that ferrocement is a really old technology which emerged before cement concrete, i.e. in 1847. But due to ease in construction, reinforced concrete superseded and became popular. However when curved shapes and light weight construction is required engineers and architects have no other alternative than ferrocement. Ferrocement Society of India has its head office in Pune. Society is promoting this technology as this also gives solutions for earthquake resistant houses. Ferrocement is one of the components in GREEN housing concepts.

Er Chandramohan Hangekar, Fellow of IEI and President of Ferrocement Society, Er Ulhas Paranjape, G B Nannor, Vice President of FS, Er Rajendra Pawar, Managing Director, Water Conservation Corporation of Govt of Maharashtra were also present for this function.

Dr H M Raje expressed vote of thanks and the function concluded with hi tea.

Ferrocement members visited Sri Lanka.

Recently a ten member team visited Sri Lanka. Prof Sunil Kute discussed many things like opening a ferrocement chapter in Sri Lanka with Prof. Ranjith Dissanayake, Senior Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya. Girish Sangle, Hon Secretary, presented some ferrocement publications to this University. Members also visited National Engineering Research & Development Centre of Sri Lanka, Ekala, Jaela where W. P. R. D. Weerasinghe, Principal Research Engineer showed all the ferrocement activities. A foot bridge is already constructed and tested in this campus. Many small houses, silos, shells etc are developed by the researchers in the technology park. Er Weerasinghe assured to participate in the FS2017 event in Kerala. Kiran Rajurkar, Jayant Murudkar, Chandrashekhar Hangekar, Nandkumar Jadhav, Namdev Warade were also present in the study tour.

Short News

On 15th Oct.2016 at Pani Parishad organised by Dr. Hedgewar Smarak Seva nidhi at Nagar, a Book Titled “Let us Collect Water Using Ferrocement Technology” was released By Dr. Madhavrao Chitale, RSS Kshetriya Prachrak Dr.. Ravindra Joshi, Kshtriya Seva Pramukh Dr. Upendra Kulkarni

This is a Book published by Jalvardhini Pratishthan and is in English and Marathi language.

Ferrocement Day 2016.

Results of All India Competition for best Ferrocement Structure

Shrishilp Consultants, Aurangabad has been declared as the winner of the competition for constructing a ferrocement small dam near Satara village in Aurangabad.

Ferrocement is a really old technology which emerged before cement concrete, i.e. in 1847. But due to ease in construction, reinforced concrete superseded and became popular. However when curved shapes and light weight construction is required engineers and architects have no other alternative than ferrocement. Ferrocement Society of India has its head office in Pune. Society is promoting this technology as this also gives solutions for earthquake resistant houses. Ferrocement is one of the components in GREEN housing concepts. Ferrocement Society has decided to celebrate 3rd September as the Ferrocement Day every year, in the memory of Great Engineer Late V.D.Joshi.

Every year national level competition for selecting best ferrocement structure is organized for engineers and architects and the winner gets the Late V D Joshi Award. This is the fourth year. Arch. Anupama Kundoo, Arroville, Arch. Ajay Thosar, Pune, Er. Biji John, Chenganassery, Kerala were the award winners of previous competitions.

Shrishilp Consultants have built a small water conservation dam attached to a road culvert. Normally so many culverts are constructed to pass the rain water below the road. But if a small bandhara is built so as to pass the overflowing water over it and storing the excess water, it acts as a conservation dam. The ground water table is increased in the adjacent area. This concept is more popular in Gujarath. Use of ferrocement has made it possible to save the material and cost also. The photograph shows the wall thickness of the ferrocement wall is much less than concrete. The structure is appreciated by many people.

Shri Girish Sangle, Hon Secretary of India Ferrocement Society said that, the award will be given to the winner, Shrishilp Consultants in Sir J J College of Architecture, Mumbai on 2nd September 2016. This year Reliance Foundation, Mumbai, Amaltas Niketan, Bihar, Amrutvahini College of Engineering, Sangamner, Archivista, Pune, were the other competitors who will also be felicitated for their contribution.

Winner of the 3rd Late V D Joshi best ferrocement structure competition declared. Biji John, Ferrotechnologies, Kerala has been declared winner.

Ferrocement Society of India having headquarter in Pune has announced results of the third best ferrocement structure competition. This is All India Level competition and the structures built using the ferrocement technology are eligible to enter.


This year Prakash Nagnath for using ferrocement in building elevations, Arch Anupama Kundoo and her associate Alba Balmaseda from Madrid who built portable box type ferrocement houses and Ms Biji John, Ferrotechnologies, Changanacherry, Kerala for building a 2 story house in Pathanamthitta, Kerala had submitted their entries. The result is recently declared and Ms Biji John from Changanacherry, Kerala has succeded in grabbing the award. The award is named after the veteran Late Vishnu Joshi, Strctural Enginerer and pioneer in ferrocement technology. After his demise in 2011 the competition of such structures is being conducted by Ferrocement Society, an NGO working to promote this technology.

The society has conducted 27 workshops for students in Engineering and Architecture colleges in India. This technology is different from RCC and is very useful to build earthquake proof houses. Government of Maharashtra has started working on a Building manual from the engineers of Maharashtra Engineering Research Institute, Nashik, where MERI has already done experiments on Boat Building, Canal Lining, water tanks etc 

27-28 January 2015

2 day workshop was conducted at Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Architecture

Kharghar, Mumbai. Prin Mankar and Prof Nandedkar took efforts for the successful workshop.

Students made themselves the hyperboloid structure with tying of meshes and pressfilling the mortar in it.

9th February 2014. Dhule Maharashtra.

FERROFIB 2013 – Success of GCE Salem

An AICTE sponsored two week staff development programme on “Behaviour and Applications of Ferrocement and Fibre reinforced Composites” was conducted in the Department of Civil Engineering, Government College of Engineering, Salem from 3.6.2013 to 14.6.2013 with the objective to promote research in the field of ferrocement 

Fibre reinforced composites which has great scope and potential in the near future. The information brochure of the staff development programme was circulated to all the engineering colleges and also hosted in the Institution web site. There was unexpected response for this event as about 50 faculty delegates from various engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka participated.

The Staff development programme was inaugurated on 3.6.2013 by the Chief Guest Prof. P. Paramasivam, Professorial fellow, National University of Singapore who also released the proceedings of the SDP.

The technical sessions were elaborated by renowned Professors in the field of ferrocement and fibre reinforced composites   from various reputed institutions including the host institution and also by a few industrial experts. Some of them were Dr. K. Subramanian, Professor and Head of Civil Engg., CIT, Coimbatore, Prof. Dr. A. R. Santhakumar, Emeritus Professor, IIT Madras, Chennai, Dr. N. Ganesan, Professor, NIT, Calicut, Dr. G. S. Thirugnanam, Professor, IRTT, Erode, Sri. S. Sundarkumar, Scientist, SERC, Chennai, Dr. R. Balamuralikrishnan, Asst.Professor of Civil Engineering, Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, Sri. KRS. Narayan, GM, Reliance Industries, Chennai, Dr.V. Rajkumar, Associate Professor, GCE, Salem, Dr.S. Kandasamy, Associate Professor, ACCET, Karaikudi, Mr. Kingsley. J. D. Ernest, Head, CQMT, CCCLIndia,Chennai, V. Kumar, Associate Professor, ACCET, Karaikudi, Dr. V. M. Shanthi Associate Professor, GCT, Coimbator, Dr. D. ShobaRajkumar, Associate Professor, GCE, Salem.

Voluntary discussions and healthy interactions in delegates were seen during the sessions. Practical sessions were also arranged for the participants and a ferrocement water tank model was constructed in front of the Civil Engineering block. The participants actively participated in the construction work and got a good hands on training experience in the application of ferrocement. A field visit was arranged to Yercaud on 8.6.2013 to view a few ferrocement structures built over there.

The Valedictory function was held on 14.6.2013 at 3.30 p.m. with the Principal R S D Vahida Banu being the Chief guest. Certificates were distributed to all the participants by the Principal. The fully enlightened participants expressed their fulfilment of expectations by SDP during the valedictory function.


ISLAMPUR- 3 Feb 2012. One day workshop on ferrocement.

One day workshop on “Ferrocement in Civil Engineering Structures” was organized on 3 February 2012 by department of civil engineering, Rajarambapu Institute of Technology, Rajaramnagar (Islampur, Dist. Sangli, Maharashtra) in association with Ferrocement Society.

The objectives of the workshop were learning the basics, unique features of the constituent materials, designs, techniques of fabrication and construction, various fields of applications. Very nice brochure was printed by the organizers for inviting the participants. Prof. H.S. Jadhav, HOD, Civil Department was the convener. The write up of the workshop was given to all participants in CD form. During discussions, Prin. Dr. Mrs. Sushama Kulkarni expressed her interest for such new technologies and new research projects for the PG students.

ROORKEE-Discussion with the Scientists at CBRI, Roorkee. Er. Rajeev, Er S.K.Singh, Er. Dave had discussions with Dr. Divekar, President, FS on 23 Nov 2011.

Roorkee- Dr. Divekar President, FS had a meeting with Dr. V.K.Gupta, IIT, Roorkee on 23 Nov 2011. Dr. Gupta donated some books to the library of FS.

One- Day Ferrocement Workshop at Amrutvahini College of Engineering, Sangamner(Coordinated by Prof. Sable) on 29 September 2011.

One day ferrocement Workshop organized by Architects and Engineer’s Association, Nashik.(Coordinated by Dr. Sunil Kute) on 30 September 2011

CHENNAI-The one day ferrocement Workshop was jointly organised on 22nd July, 2011 by Ferrocement Society and the Civil Engineering Department of Jerusalem college of Engineering (JCE), CHENNAI.

Registration of the faculty members and the students started at 9 AM. Students of Jerusalem College of Engineering and other colleges viz., Pondicherry Engineering College, Bharath University, Dr. M.G.R. University, S.R.M. University, Panimalar Engineering College, Easwari Engineering College, 

Dr. M.G.R. Educational & Research Institute, Valliammai Engineering College, Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering. The entrance lobby was well decorated and everybody was welcomed with the traditional gandh, kumkum and flowers.

The inaugural function started by 10 am with traditional prayer in Tamil. Then welcome speech was given by Dr. P.B.Sakthivel, Professor of Civil Engineering, JCE, who coordinated this workshop on behalf of Ferrocement Society. Dr. S. Poornachandra, Principal, Jerusalem College of Engineering delivered the introductory speech.

The Chief Guest for the workshop was Dr. P.Paramasivam, Professorial Fellow, National University of Singapore. Among the dignitaries present were Dr. B.N.Divekar, President, Ferrocement Society, Mr. Pushyamitra Divekar, Mr. Prakash Nagnath, Dr. A. Jagannathan, Associate Professor, Pondicherry Engineering College, Dr. Neelamegam, Professor & Head, SRM Easwari Engineering College,   Dr. Shoba Rajkumar, Associate Professor, Government College of Engineering, Bargur; and Dr. B.Vidivelli, Professor, Department of Civil & Structural Engineering, Annamalai University. Lightening of the lamp was done with hands of all the dignitaries on the dais.

In the 1st session, Dr. P.Paramasivam’s presentation was very informative. He impressed upon the application of Ferrocement which are normally used as secondary roofs in Singapore. There is a low cost housing concept for which Government of Singapore spent money. Use of ferrocement in precast sunscreens and other building components has proved cost-saving in buildings. Cellular concrete 50mm thick is now being replaced by ferrocement with 30 thick panels through interlocking system. Precast industry is making millions of dollars.

While discussing case studies of ferrocement, Prof. Paramasivam mentioned that stainless steel water tanks on the buildings are now being replaced by ferrocement tanks in Singapore. Impact resistant doors are also tested for blasting effects. In tidal zone ferrocement vertical sea wall along the sea protects the bank. In Trivandrum, a floating restaurant with ferrocement is built. He also showed the photos of Yugoslavia terrestrial structures, Zoo entrance in Indonesia and low cost houses in Malaysia. He also brought out that only mosque built out of ferrocement survived in the tsunami in Indonesia.

Er. Pushyamitra Divekar, Ferrocement professional in Pune, discussed so many buildings which he has constructed using ferrocement technology during the last 10 years. He said ferrocement walls can save 40 to 60 percent cost against the traditional RCC walls. Right from bungalow entrance gate, swimming pools, pergolas, doors, walls, lintels, stairs, water tanks, and decorative elements can be constructed using ferrocement. He said ferrocement use has minimised construction time, use of timber and soil, making it a green material.

The demonstration of ferrocement technique was arranged at the central open space of the college building. The skeleton with weld mesh and chicken mesh layers tightened on it was explained to the participants by Dr. Divekar. He showed the mortar and the filling method of mortar while Dr. Neelamegam assisted him. Students also tried the filling process using cement mortar.

After the lunch Er. Chandramohan Hangekar, Hon. Secretary, Ferrocement Society explained the functioning of the Ferrocement Society.

Er. Prakash Nagnath, Pune base ferrocement techie explained the potential of ferrocement precast industry. He explained his experiences in pergolas and fins. He said any shape is possible with ferrocement. While explaining the architectural applications he said ferrocement as a medium for sculpture proves its versatility and the unlimited dimension to which it can be used.

Dr. B. Vidivelli explained various tests on ferrocement and the formulation of methodology for rehabilitation of the beams. Performance of the beams were evaluated by the factors f1(energy approach) and f2(deflection approach). Ferrocement laminates can increase the flexural strength of the beams by 21 to 26 percent.

Dr. M. Neelamegam, former Director-Scientist, SERC-CSIR, Chennai and currently the Professor & Head of the Department of Civil Engineering, Easwari Engineering College, Chennai explained polymer ferrocement composites where polymer forms one of the ingredients of the matrix. He said polymer ferrocement composites are very cost effective in applications requiring high degree of durability and chemical resistance and quick repairing works. Stainless steel and other steels can be replaced by this method in building industry. He expected the engineers to frog-leap in the beneficial use of polymer ferrocement composites.

Dr B. N. Divekar explained the all-in-one method for which he has got patents. He explained the advantages and construction details of the cavity wall, floor construction. He said there is huge potential for the precast industry for the fresh engineers after there graduation for becoming entrepreneurs instead of searching any employment.

There was a question and answer session in which lot of technical questions on ferrocement and its applications were asked by the student participants and all the questions were answered by Dr. Paramasivam and Dr. Divekar.

The workshop was fruitful as the students gained a new area where they have a chance for becoming an entrepreneur and starting a small business or taking-up contracts using the above ferrocement technology instead of a job.

Certificates were issued to all the participants after the workshop.

The workshop concluded with vote of thanks by Dr. Anne Ligoria, Professor & Head of the Department of Civil Engineering, Jerusalem College of Engineering. She thanked all the experts and participants who attended this workshop and made a grand success. Prof. Anne mentioned special thanks to Dr. P.B. Sakthivel, Convenor of the Workshop. She congratulated the arrangements made by Prof. N S Elangovan and Prof. S. Sellappa, faculty members and all the student volunteers of the Jerusalem College of Engineering, Chennai.

It finally ended with the national anthem.

Two day National Conference held at PUNE, INDIA

Dr. Anupama Kundoo
T.p.Singh with B.V.Bhedasgaonkar at Ramkrishna Math, Pune.

फेरोसिमेंट सोसायटीतर्फे जलसंपदा सचिव मुंढे यांचा सत्कार

पुणे दि. ८ जाने. २०११– अखिल भारतीय स्तरावरील फेरोसिमेंट सोसायटी या स्थापत्य तंत्रज्ञांच्या सोसायटी तर्फे जलसंपदा सचिव इंजी. एम. एस. मुंढे यांचा सेवानिवृत्तीनिमित्त सत्कार करण्यात आला. नाशिक येथे मेरी या संस्थेत ३ वर्षापूर्वी मुंढे यांनी या विषयाची २ दिवसीय परिषद भरवली होती. त्यानंतर भारतातील अनेक तंत्रज्ञ एकत्र येऊन या सोसायटीची स्थापना झाली व इंजी. मुंढे या सोसायटीचे पहिले अध्यक्ष होते.

फेरोसिमेंट सोसायटी चे उपाध्यक्ष इंजी. राजेंद्र पवार यांनी सोसायटीची वेगवान वाटचाल कशी सुरु आहे त्याचा आढावा सांगितला. येत्या मी महिन्यात राष्ट्रीय स्तरावरील परिषद पुण्यात आयोजित करण्यात आली आहे.इंजी. मुंढे यांचा परीचय करून देताना इंजी.

(फोटो- डावीकडून- इंजी. रमेश कुलकर्णी, ए.जी. जोशी, इंजी. एम.एस.मुंढे)

चंद्रमोहन हंगेकर यांनी सांगितले की शासनाचे सचिव यासारख्या अत्यंत व्यस्त पदावर असताना सुद्धा इंजी. मुंढे ‘सी ++’ किंवा ‘आनंदी जीवनाचे रहस्य’, अशा प्रकारचे प्रशिक्षण वर्ग स्वतः घेत असत हि विशेष बाब आहे.

इंजी. मुंढे हे स्वामी विवेकानंद यांच्या विचारांचे गाढे अभ्यासक आहेत. अनेक धर्मांच्या ग्रंथांचा अभ्यास ते सातत्याने करत असतात. इंजी. मुंढे यांनी आपल्या भाषणात आदिवासी शाळांमध्ये शैक्षणिक मदत करण्याची तसेच स्वामीजींच्या विचारांवर व्याख्याने देण्याची आपली इच्छा असल्याचे सांगितले. फेरोसिमेंट सोसायटी च्या ३ वर्षातील प्रगती बाबत त्यांनी समाधान व्यक्त केले. फेरोसिमेंट चा वापर शासनाच्या विविध बांधकाम खात्यांनी जरूर करावा यासाठी जरूर ते मार्गदर्शन करण्याची त्यांनी तयारी दाखवली. कार्यक्रमास फेरोसिमेंट सोसायटी चे उपाध्यक्ष प्रा. ए. जी. जोशी, फेरोसिमेंट सोसायटीचे सचिव रमेश कुलकर्णी तसेच इंजी. पुरी, इंजी. राजपूत, इंजी. रवी रानडे, इंजी. वांकर व अनेक मान्यवर उपस्थित होते.

SEA, PUNE organised the 2 day workshop at PUNE

October 04, 2009 was day -one; around 945 pm the delegates, Ferro Soc members and S EA officers/engineers initiated the welcome function.

Mr Aravind Ranade, founder of Sahyadri Engineering Academy, Pune – a senior structural engineer of Pune, in his speech declared that the Workshop is inaugurated. He extended best wishes to the Ferrocement Society . Mr. Ranade Sir further desired that   Ferrocement Society and Sahyadri Engineering Academy, Pune be working together for more such events to come. Mr. Aravind Ranade also released the souvenir by cutting the ribbon of the book package.

Mr. Ravi Ranade briefed about the number of activities of S E A, Pune. Dr B N Divekar ,President spoke about the Ferrocement Society Pune. President Dr Divekar also informed about the scope and support to the workshop. Prof A.G. Joshi- the convenor of the workshop briefed about the time table of the two days.


In the afternoon of Oct 04, 2009, there was demonstration and hands- on- practice of making a ferrocement member. The laboratory of S E A Pune is well equipped for all tests and making of concrete. Using the welding apparatus of and with the help of technicians of Dr Divekar and also 4 trainee diploma engineers, the demo was arranged. The garden –plant-in a row -box was to be made .The delegates could witness and understand the importance of keeping tight/taut the chicken mesh, the wire mesh. The skeletal steel was placed ; the supports were welded. Wire-mesh was placed and tied . Chicken mesh in three layers was clad on it and ,tightly held and welded. After this an used/old newspaper was laid down on floor; cement mortar was made with minimum water and its base- layer of less than ½” was spread on paper sheet. The cage or skeleton was placed on it . The expert workers of Dr B.N. Divekar Consultant and construction group did that toweling and placing   cement mortar on both faces of the cage rectangular piece. Placing mortar on both sides needs some skill.

Delegates participated in the tying up the chicken mesh and pressing the cement mortar –applying from both faces or from one face of the surface.


January 2007- Maharashtra Engineering Training Academy working at MERI – Maharashtra Engineering Research Institute, Nashik, India held a ‘Workshop on Theory and Applications of Ferrocrete’ on January 19 and 20 at MERI Nashik, India. About 110 delegates attended it mostly engineers from Water Resources Department and PWD of state of Maharashtra. There were private participants [of Hindustan Construction Company] and students from Architectural Colleges. Full CD of the proceedings and photos is available to the members on request.

29th January 2008

Ahmednagar (Maharashtra)14th April 2008

A one day workshop was conducted by Institution of Engineers(India). Ahmednagar local center and Ferrocement Society, Pune. 70 participants could interact on ferrocement technology. Dr. B N Divekar, Dr N R Patwardhan, B V Bhedasgaonkar, A G Joshi were the main speakers in the workshop. Demonstration was shown by G P Dhotre (ferrocement professional at Ahmednagar) Er M S Mundhe, DG , MERI, Nashik and President of FS, inaugurated the workshop

PUNE: Er. Vishnupant Joshi visited FS Office.